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1980 Mack R Series Rescue Truck


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Recently purchased a 1980 Mack R series Rescue Truck. I will be requesting information from the Mack Museum soon, but want to change the fluids now and I would like to know the capacities of the fluids, oil, water/antifreeze, transmission. Truck serial # R611FC-1057,  motor type ETZ673 ( might be RTZ673, my copy not too clear). Transmission is a HT-740D. It is a diesel motor with a turbocharger

Thank you

Mike Hannigan


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Depending on how it is equipped, non ESI engine would be 31 qts, two filters and small pan or small pan and Centri-Max filter about 33 qts.  There is a big pan but I don't think it would have been put on your truck with a capacity of 51 quarts.  Water is about 12 gals. and the Allison trans. with a 6 or 7" deep pan is 32 qts. or 37 qts. for an 8.5" deep pan.

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Nice truck.

At the Allison site you can enter your transmission's SN and it will give you the details. The counter person where you get the filters should also be able to set you up with the correct quantity and type of fluid.

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