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S462 Rears


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Does Mack still offer the S462 rear axles? I'm curious as to why sales people keep telling me I need to go Meritor or Eaton to have a true 46,000 rear axle?

They keep telling me Mack only makes a 44,000.

Or does it have something to do with suspension choice?

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Thank You. Suspension would be Mack AL461 air ride. Had it in my old CH that pulled logs and walking floor trailers on and off road and it was dependable. Never had an issues with it.

Any Mack I see on the lots up here has the S440 rears, but to get measured up for max allowable gross on highways here we need a 46,000 rating. Salesmen keep telling me Mack doesn't make a 46,000.

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Well....it is not a straight forward answer. Mack always offered S462 (cast ductile iron housing) which is good with 46,000 lbs GAWR and only compatible with Camelback, Walking beam, HMX, HN and some spring type suspensions. Mack also offers 11mm & 14mm wall thickness steel fabricated axle housing. The 11mm was sold with same spring suspensions upto 44k GAWR for general use and at 46k GAWR for Municipality applications. Recently this was changed after some testing and now 11mm is approved upto 46k GAWR (14mm is good upto 52k GAWR). If you have a air suspension then you will need a 14mm axle housing at 46k GAWR (Previously 14mm was approved upto 44k GAWR due to air suspensions putting more twist into housing). 14mm after improvements is approved upto 46 K GAWR with air suspensions.

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