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END711 seals/gaskets


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So the b61 I am working on has a 711 in it according to the paperwork we got from the museum. I am looking to reseal the engine as it has some oil leaks that would need to be fixed prior to repainting. I know a bunch of the gaskets can be replaced with either a copy cut from sheet material or the permatex grey sealant. However things like the rear main, front crank seal or head gasket(s) need to be replaced with correct parts. Does anyone have any knowledge of a source of parts like these?

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For a bit of infomation on the rear seal,There is no rear seal but there is a lead wire mashed down in a groove cut in the retainer.It only serves as a dust shield.The is a slinger made on the crank to devert the oil back inside.How ever excess blow by will blow oil out there and you can pull the trans and replace the wire to find it dont help much if any.

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glenn akers

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