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How many years Mack trucks transmissions are covered with factory warranty?


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Does anybody knows how many year  Mack truck transmissions are covered with  factory warranty? I purchased a 2012 Mack    used dump truck   and It has  T318 LR transmission and has 307,000miles

The dealership think it has a transmission problem and I am very worried about how much it is going to cost me. The document I found online states  that type of transmission is covered for 60 months and 500000miles.

Do you know if my truck described above  is still covered by the component manufacture warranty?

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Unlike the former Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Mack Trucks, Volvo Group's U.S. Mack brand unit does not publish its warranties (or model spec sheets). Why ?


On the other hand, Mack Trucks Australia, does list its warranties for all to see. Now, how hard was that? 



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Now, regarding Volvo's U.S. market Mack brand warranties, you CAN obtain them...........from the State of Ohio.

Of course, any ordinarily prudent person would wonder why one can readily obtain a copy of the Mack brand warranties from a U.S. state, but not from the Mack brand itself.

http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ContractAdmin/Contracts/PurchDocs/023-16/RRTruc01/042016 MACK Standard Truck Warranty Certificate.pdf

http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ContractAdmin/Contracts/PurchDocs/023-16/RRTruc01/042016 and newer Standard Engine Mack.pdf

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5 year/750,000 miles for a T300 series trans in a road tractor. However if your truck is classed as a severe duty or off road the warranty could be shorter. Also if the syncro pack is damaged, we have to look at the wear on the gears to see if improper range shifting (down shifting) caused the failure. In that case no warranty.

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