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ATA Proposes 65 MPH Speed Limiter For Trucks and Cars


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Better get a back brace,MB if  you're gonna bobtail to work in that!Lol that's an old o'night horse isn't it? How'd you get it to 50?turn up the pump? Ha ha! Did you hear JB, Stoops, And Overnight merged? Gonna call it JB Stoops Over! Lol Very old joke obviously!  So ATA wants a 65 limit huh? The implications are many and varied! 1.so o/o and small companies can't compete with the major carriers.  2. So the major carriers can cut back their trucks (thereby getting lower ins. Rates) and still be competitive. 3.So the major carriers can hire their favorite candidates,( those with the least experience) and not be concerned about them doing the speed limit (when it's over 65)and still keeping it between the lines!.When I refer to major carriers I mostly exclude the LTL and package segment,which is mostly union where seniority works for you not not against you. I haven't seen this proposal,but I'd bet the biggest steak in Florida that they support it by pandering to the publics concerns about truck emissions and global warming.Note: I believe in global warming and reduced emissions,but it needs to be a compromise between all factions. One last thing, do the ATA board members support a "speed limiter" on their Mercedes and their kids new corvette!lol

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