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R model fuel tanks

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I need help regarding aluminium fuel tanks with the in step, also with the front and rear indentations for mounting to the chassis,…I CANT FIND ANY!..is there any way i can source from the U.S or N.Z as I'm in western Australia. It seems to be rear as rocking horse shit out here!!!!…just a few pointers to help me on my way would be suffice or the only option open to me is to build new and retro fit old insteps into the new tanks.

I have a 1980 R model with steel squares and so id like to change out the steels for the aluminium rounds!…she'll come up grand i'ms thinks there are a couple o guys looking from over east for me, Ian- Tyldens heritage, and ol mate from Big Rig Bullbars both of which have good gear and for the right price

Your help would be greatly appreciated, Keep up the great work out there! thank you.

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Hi and welcome to BMT. I'm from Perth also. Good to get a few locals on here. 

Regarding your tanks, do you want 24.5inch or 26 inch? 

Most valueliners had 26 inch aluminium tanks. You can still get them new, but they are something like $2500 per tank. 

Other options would be 2nd hand or wrecker ones. Or make new ones using old step pressings. 

Holmwood highgate had a stand at the truck show a few years ago and they reckoned they could make new ones. I haven't looked into them. 

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Once I googled sources on aluminium round tanks and found out a company which supplied separate parts such as round bottoms, inlet necks and so on.

I didn't check out the costs since the company was Aussie. If it was the US I'd order them four bottoms to weld tanks locally. OZ is a way too difficult and costy to import to my location.

As for steel ones (and they are original to your nice R) I'd go a rebulid path fabricating new skins of sheet metal with original bottoms and steps. Not extremely much of a labour. It might worth to sandblast the inner sides of the parts you keep original and repair damages before get everything back together.

Here's what I recently made to the pair of Mack MH steel tanks. As you can see the "dirt collector" lower can took some weld up after being blasted and showed out the need of.





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