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Ford Trucks expands footprint in North Africa


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Ford Trucks Press Release  /  August 5, 2016

Ford Truck continues to expand its presence in North Africa’s heavy truck segment with the opening of a new 50,000 square meter flagship location in Casablanca.

Also this year, Ford Trucks has opened an additional full-service location in Morocco, in the city of Marrakesh.

We opened our latest facility in North Africa in support of our goal to become one of the top 3 heavy truck brands in the region

Auto Hall, operator of the new Casablancan facility, has been Ford’s distributor in Morocco for over one hundred years. Its founder, Gabriel Veyre, was tasked by the Sultan in the early 1900’s to bring the automobile to Morocco. After extensive research, in 1911 he chose Ford. Auto Hall began selling Ford cars and trucks to the newly mobile Moroccans soon after, and due to growing demand, it incorporated Auto Hall in 1920. Morocco is the best-selling market for Ford in North Africa.

"Morocco is Ford Trucks’ strategic starting point for investing in the North African market,” said Ford Trucks International Markets Director Emrah Duman. “We continue to invest with the goal of becoming one of the top 3 heavy truckmakers in North Africa. Opening modern heavy truck facilities in major Moroccan cities including Casablanca and Marrakesh is all a part of the framework of the global vision of Ford Trucks.”

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