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Front crank oils seal

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How available is the front crankshaft oil seal for my 1963 b67 with a 673 na.        Mine leaks when the truck is running.   So while front is off truck and I plan on replacing hoses figured I'd just pull radiator and replace seal.    I haven't check into it alot but figured I'd ask here first.  

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1 hour ago, Hobert62 said:

I did look at Barry's on my phone but didn't see anything.   I think they had the rear one listed.   

Wait a minute.....I'm having a flashback.

Does your seal have an outer diameter or 4 inches, or 4-1/4 inches ?

If it's 4-1/4", you need a 446GC181 (Which I'm sure that revered caped crusader "Mack Man ".....err Barry can provide you)

If it's 4" (probably not), your original part number 446GC316 superceded to 446GC1115.

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2 more questions.   Why is the fan not made symmetrical?      image.jpg          What do I have to do to change the front motor mount?    Do I just replace the rubber or do I have to find the entire cast piece that bolts to frame?   Mine is shot and the motor is just sitting in the bottom of it, image.jpgwith some marks where the pulley rubs the crossmember sometimes.  

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