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Aluminum Fender Headlight Housings

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I was wondering what the reason for using Aluminum fender housings ya know that part that houses the headlight on each side of the fenders.

I have found some and was wondering if they would bolt up to a b63 series I found these from a guy here that has some that came off of a b61 I think Or a 73?... I thought that the bolting pattern was the same on the two, at least they looked like it. I know that mine are steel and was wanting to put the Aluminum ones on Polished ya know!!. might just be a pipe dream but if it could be done they would look great with a chrome radiator crown. :wacko:


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:mack1: If the headlight panels are off a B73 they are narrower than a regular B61 panel, the B73 has a wider radiator than a b61, you could put the whole front off a B73, but the hood has to be completely redone. terry

Well that clears that up.. they wont work on my project.

thanks Terry

Rob :bmod_dump:

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