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  1. Name: Mack B63SX 10-12 Yard Dump truck (1958) Date Added: 08 October 2008 - 07:43 AM Owner: Arcticmack Short Description: B model Dump truck, Camel back rear suspention,All Mack running gear Quadraplex tranny, Air brakes all around, Dual ram Hoist system for the Box. View Vehicle
  2. how would,,, how could,, I ,,, wow. thats messed up
  3. thats just wrong Hang'em HANG'EM HIGH!!!!
  4. HI Glenn yeah I know these are smaller engines I had thought of putting in a L10 cummins but thats just too much for the old dog, we can never expect our old dogs to pull with the big bores but we can out haul them with longevity. Im just looking for something thats a lot easier to get parts for etc, and thank you for your information as well.
  5. once again Rob I thank you for such a wealth of information, I guess Ill be taking out my Old Thermo and find me a IHdt466, Ill retain the quad box As I like that part of the truck its what makes a Mack B a Mack B. Besides its damn fun to drive, I learned on a set of sticks and so am keeping them if I can. now I just gotta find a engine lol.
  6. hmmmpph considering that you can put 2 two states of Texas in ALASKA naa,, nothings big in Texas
  7. Thank you Rob, thats what I was thinking as well you say a number # 1 bell??? I thought a #2 was in order for the mack?? please more details on this if you would... In all the OTR driving Ive done over the years and Hauling heavy up to the North slope on the Haul road to Prudoe Bay, Ive never shock loaded a trans or broken any part of the drive train. anyways I do think the cummins would be a good choice but I hadnt thought of a dt466 I would like to know more of this as a swap, I will have to do my homework on this engine I know of it just dont know about it. Mine is a 1958 thermo, Has Hor
  8. Hey all I was wondering if anyone has thought about a cummins 8.3 engine in a B, I know that it will fit and will bolt up to the trans and can get either a push or pull clutch single disk, Its a newer engine will have to do something for the I/C but Im sure something could be done the one Im thinking about is the Mechanical one so no computer crap, just wondering if anyone has done or thought about this as a viable swap. Also the HP rating can be adjusted so as to not hurt the tranny cause the one I know of is about 250 Hp. I know thats not too much for the quad box if drivin and cared for ri
  9. how cold is it?.. lemme tell ya tonight (although not as cold as could be) its so cold tonight that if you went outside with yer cupoMud and threw the contents Up into the night sky it would all freeze before it all hit the ground. as its doing this yould be unundated by the sound of a woooshing sound of the stuff freezing in mid air. -30 below zero tonight. evenin all think Ill stoke up the coal stove again .
  10. talk about COOOLLDD its gonna be -30 below tonight

  11. yup agree totally Id never buy a pete, Not nowhere near the truck of a KW petes are for them gear shift jockies you see on the hwy,, err well at least you can see there eyes peering over there door jamb from sitting on the floor while driving...
  12. Man that truck in your pic is a tough one!!

  13. brilliant I like that setup very clean looking as well.also looks very funtional, and easy to change out. things I like to do with my Equipment. I hate having things in my cab, things that will become deadly when in a crash or worse Rollover.. its amazing at what kinda damage things can do even small things inside your cab... I try to keep what Im driving as clan and clutter free as possible inside, even a thermos bottle can do serious damage inside a cab. things ya never really think about till it happens. Or you see what they have done. Arctic
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