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RW 613 steering box

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I talked to Mack today about a new steering box for my 88 superliner and they can't get one. They want to send mine to Ohio to be rebuilt and say it will take a week. I'm not real thrilled to have the truck down that long and get nervous about parts being lost in shipping. I realize Mack is looking for the box for my trucks vin and have no way of knowing if a different box would work. Do you guys know of a part# that would substitute or an aftermarket vendor that might have one. It's an 88 rw 613 with a single steering box in the frame last six of the vin are 004349





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thanks guys, i'll clean the steering box off tomorrow and see what numbers are on it. So I'm going to show my ignorance, what is a 20QC part number? I'm pretty sure it's a 12000 pound axle, i'll see if it says on the door, it only has the left side steering box. 

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The Mack part number for your steering gear begins with 20QC. It is NOT stamped on the steering gear. Your Mack dealer can look it up, using your truck's model and serial number (RW613-4349).

TRW should be able to cross-reference the Mack number to their number.

For example, an Ultra-Liner's steering gear with Mack number 20QC368M is a TRW number HFB64063.

So call Mack back, get the 20QC number, and call TRW and see what they can offer.......if not a new or newer series unit (TAS 55 for 12K axle), then a factory-reman HFB64 like you have now. But they of course need the OEM (20QC) number to work with.


Incidentally, here are HFB64 service manual downloads courtesy of TRW.


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If your in  North East PA give Camerota truck parts a call.  They reman steering boxes too and most of the time have an exchange ready to go. If not they can reman yours in about 3 days.  I have not had a problem with their steering boxes yet.  

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sorry for the slow response, I called mack today and got my part # and called TRW with it, maybe the guy i dealt with was having a bad monday because my # was obsolete and i don't think he could hang up the phone fast enough so I didn't get to ask about an updated part. I then called Camerota truck parts in scranton, they had one in Connecticut and it will be in scranton tomorrow morning for me to pick up. 


thanks for you help guys

when i kept hearing it's obsolete i was starting to wonder if i was better off selling the truck

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