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WWH TRucks

david wild

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On the Western Star, are those just add on hubs you put on standard axles?

Edit- A quick Google search and I found the answer to my question.

I didn't know something like that existed. It's a interesting concept but I bet it cost a bunch to equip a set of tandems. 

I also noticed on their website that it listed the max weight per axle with the hubs is 26,000lb. That doesn't seem like much when you go to talking about heavy hauling. My RD822 has 65k rears so that would be 32,500lb each axle. If I understood the website right, by adding these hubs on my Mack, my total rear tandem capacity would be reduced to 52,000lb. 

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Those are a DT hubs 3 to 1 reduction or 1 to 1 direct, they will not go on your 65 Mack only 46 and 52 rears, I know of no reduction in weight cap. that WS can pull 500K by it's self as long as you have enough weight on the drives, even with 60k on the drives we have spun out. but we have had a push truck around just in case, biggest problem is going down hills, that's when 2 trucks work best, double the jake power and no problem.  

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