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FYI - Download CAT Truck brochures (while you still can)


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CAT has cancelled the (US market vocational) "DriveCat" website.

(CAT Trucks Australia continues........http://www.cattrucks.com.au/trucks/)

So those interested might want to download these sales literature PDFs before they fade into history.












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I have been a advocate about Caterpillar and there  f**k You attitude towards there customers!, so here it is again (just like the acert motors) don't say I did not say I told you so when Cat came out with these junk trucks and theses half ass engines!!  Say what you want about Detroit but when they have trouble?? They run to you to fix it and not run away like Caterpillar does!! But you guys with that yellow Cat blood and big check books!!! Well I'll blink my tail lights when I pass you on the hills with our 575  hp Detroits!!

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