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Torque Rods


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Hi my name is Eric and I'm new to the forum. I have a 1979 rd 600.  Started its life as a glider but now is a tri axle dump with new frame.  I am looking to replace the torque rods.  I have 44k rears on camelback.  Anyone know my best bet on where to go for them?  Mack?  Aftermarket bushings?  Replace both rods entirely!  Thanks any info will help.

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Welcome to the forum, Eric. Some Mack dealers will be able to get the rods for you. As far as I know, the end bushings are not replaceable, just do the complete rod. TransEdge Mack in Allentown and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have always been helpful with parts for older Macks, some other dealers should be too, if the parts guys are worth their salt.

Seems we should have pictures of a '79 RD in order to welcome you properly into the family...


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  • replace with new. take one off and bring to a MACK dealer. EASY swap


Oh, Welcome aboard

Pics are mandatory. truck or almost nekkid wimmins will do

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The truck has 24.5 rubber all around except the front has 22.5 floats on it.  The pusher tires are near new and thinking of swapping them to the front.  Does anyone know if this would be an issue?  Seems odd to have 22.5 up front and 24.5 everywhere else.  Looks odd too.  The previous owner set the truck up.  Truck has 18k front axle.  Thanks guys.

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