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"Wobble" under a hard pull

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Have a question, or 2.  Just got our RW back on the road.  Swapped the 9 speed for a 12.  had to shorten the drive shaft.  When we separated the drive shaft at the slip joint splines, the splines had a 'plastic' coating which came off,  I guess after 862,000 miles, it was wore out.  The slip joint now has about 1/4 inch of play, 'side to side'.  Could this be causing a 'wobble' that you can feel under a hard pull?  Can the 'plastic' on the splines be replaced?     

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No play in shaft joints and splines is good.

The best answer would be bringing the shaft to a prop shaft shop to put on a test/balancing bench. I would expect those folks tell you to swap the splines part before any reason in balancing appeares.  

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Thanks guys for the info.  I figured as much.  We did get it phased right, universals in line.  I am afraid not to get it fixed.  There is not much left to replace on the ole RW except drive shaft and rears.  I guess we will have a new truck then!

Thanks so much for your replies! 

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