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patdbossct. How would you compare Americans Macks vs KW's (likes dislikes) Any more Granites in the future. See your trucks on 95 all the time. Keep on truckin.


The 12 KWs had tons of issues with the EGRs and Turbos when I bought the trucks new and some PTO issues as well, none of which the dealer wanted to acknowledge or fix. LitterIy replacing them every 6 to 8 months for the first few years. The worst part was, like clock work, once one of the 12 trucks EGR's went, the rest of the 12 trucks EGR's would go within a few weeks of each other. It seems that cummins finally straightened out their issues with the EGRs and Turbos and haven't really had problems with them in the last few years. The Allison Automatic transmissions in the KWs have been holding up well mostly,though we have replaced a couple of them in the last few years. The Granites on the other hand have had very few minor issues and run great everyday. They are a well built truck and driver friendly. The RD's R models and DM's are truly indestructible.The CL's are also a great truck. I definitely recommend Mack Granites (or Mack in General) over the KW's any day. The next purchase are definitely Mack's, no more KW's. If your ever in the area feel free to stop by, also got a lot of older restored AB and AC etc… Mack's that I keep up in the old Yaworski Truck Museum if you want to check them out.


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You didn't say anything bad about the KW truck. The problem is the Cummins engine not the truck in your case.

KW doesn't have any input in designing or building the engine,but they're associated with it and wrongfully blamed for the failures.

After driving Mack for the past 7 years and still doing it as we speak,I can't recommend Mack over KW.

The built quality isn't just there. I'm talking about hwy truck not vocational.

Mack builds a good truck but KW is better.

If Mack would be a better truck than KW,the sales would show that but they don't.

KW fights for the first place with Freightliner and Mack fights for the last one with Western Star.

I'm talking about Canada

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