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2008 CXP Regen MP8 425


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Driver said he done 4 or 5 regen and lighting bolt came on. Hook up tech tool and shows mid128 ppid fmi 0, mid128 psid 47 fmi 12, both shows active. soot level show 144%. Started regen with computer it ran about 45 minutes, soot level did not go down and shows 6 regens now. Temp got to about 900 degrees. Diff pressure only shows 0.37. Before when regen would not finish it was 7th injector clogged up. It completes the regen but soot level does not go down. Any ideals?

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There is really not enough info, but for what you've given so far I'd say there is not enough temperature. If 900 deg is the highest it got (pre DPF temp) and the outlet was below this then your temps are too low. On a face plugged DPF/catylist the outlet temp will pass the pre DPF temp and continue to rise during the regen. Face plugging is caused by a dirty 7th injector-when the adaptive factor is near the top end of the chart.

Are you sure the 7th inj. is flowing properly? Did you reset the adaptive factor for the 7th inj.? During a regen, what is the 7th inj. duty cycle %?, If it is 20+% then it is a sign of becoming clogged or poor flow. More Info needed

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