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My next project (maybe)


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I don't even know why Im even considering this right now my RS is a long way from completion maybe its the thread about the white truck rat rod but these are cool. It is an old M211 or M185 military truck they can be bought rather cheap in various states of disrepair so its not chopping up a restorable truck the GSA comes up with a bunch of these old M 211s at times. I looked into doing one of these a couple years ago pretty simple to do if you have basic fabrication skills I would be using a cat 3208 instead of the stock in line six gasser that was stock.


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I was always partial to the small V8 caterpillars never had much use for detroits I guess its just personal preference small cats are good engines they got a bad rap when they were put into trucks that were just to big hauling more weight than they were designed for.

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