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Roll Off Trailer Questions...


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I'm wondering just how easy it is to service 22 -24 foot containers and compactors with a 5th wheel roll off trailer. Has anyone had some experience with them? Can you really get into tight spots like they say? I like to let the truck pull under the box when loading, with the trailer it looks like the controls are mounted outside on the trailer. Can the trailer be operated from the cab of the truck? With some of the heaver cans and compactors I really think its easier and a little safer to let the truck be pulled under and would hate to loose that ability. Obviously you will be longer than a straight truck, but the sales pitch is that it bends in the middle making it more versatile. I have some compactors in pretty hard to access spots, tight for the truck, so I really wonder if there is an advantage to the trailer or at least equal? I defiantly know the skill level backing up will be higher. Lining up the trailer to the can with being anything less than straight-on must be a PITA.

I have 2 Mack roll off trucks. The hoist on my older Mack (not used as much now) is getting tired and I'm thinking about either replacing the hoist or buying a trailer. I would have to be able to use the trailer just like a truck just incase the truck cant go. So I'm really interested in hearing the drawbacks. If I did buy a trailer I would serious consider taking the older roll off truck and turn it into a tractor to pull the roll of trailer our tankers and low boy. I then could get rid of my other tractor and save some money by have one less truck on the road.

Benlee has some good info and videos, but I want to hear from the daily operators for the real story.


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most roll off trailers do have the controls on the trailer, they also have a valve to lock the trailer brakes, so you can suck the trailer under the box like you are saying. I have noticed if the box is really heavy, you will want the tractor straight with the trailer, which in a tight spot might be tough. if your tractor is air ride, trying to load the heavy boxes will really unload the air suspension, and even with the tractor brakes set, it may slide. we use the roll off trailer for house wreckage, then switch to a dump trailer for concrete. My two cents would be to stay with a roll off truck, if that's your primary business, we do excavating and lowboy stuff a lot, so we have all different trailers and just a couple tractors

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scrap yard in the area has roll off trailers. they put them in some real tight spots. they have a benlee for 80yd ers but i do know they had to beef up the frame.

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You can put a trolley brake on the outside of the trailer so u can release the brakes on the tractor an trailer after u pull your cable tight, but u have to get back into the tractor to set your brakes after the box is on the trailer and then release the trolley


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