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B-61 Steering Wheel Removal

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Could use some advice on how to remove the steering wheel from my 61 B61. That sucker is on there! Any one want to sell a puller that will fit it, or tell me what puller on-line to buy? I've already tried the methods that I've read on this site. I've backed the nut off and pulled up on it while hitting the nut with a hammer. I've put a bottle jack on the floor and pushed it up with a short 2x4, but the floor board just went down, etc. Just wanted to get it off for the winter so I can restore it/fix the cracks.


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I got mine off with a 2' x 2' sheet of plywood on the seat. Built a frame using 2- 1x4s with a 2x4 on the bottom. the frame was triangular shaped with the 1x4 s resting on the dash and under two spokes on the steering wheel . Between the plywood and the 2x4 I put a bottle jack. The seat went down a few inches but kept pressure on the wheel. After a few days of soaking with P B blaster and taping with a wood block and hammer no results. I heated the center carefully with a torch, let cool more blaster and a brass drift it came loose. I think the secret is a straight up even pull and taping down with the drift. I hope you can make sense of the description.

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Sometimes they are just a bitch.

There is no magic bullet. Worked on one over the course of a weekend until it finally popped. Three hours of actual work time with cussing, soaking, tapping and swearing in between.

Well, we all know you just didn't cuss enough lol.....by buddy Jaime use to use the "c***" tatic.....give it all you got and yell c***, she'll let go....lol

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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