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11:34 AM and 37 degrees. That is a little brisk for TX. Oh, that's right, Randy lives in the country.

Last time I was in Houston, it was a billion degrees and about a billion degrees humid.

Yeah, I was surprised- I was expecting it to be about 80 degrees, but it was 35 when I got up Tuesday morning. All the guys at the job site were bundled up like eskimos, with parkas and ski masks- all you could see was their eyes. I had a jacket on.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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Lol! never thought of the quarters in the glad hands! only "dirty trick" I ever pulled once,i was trying to back into the ONLY available spot left in a truckstop one night (raining like pouring piss out of a boot) and sure enough,the Werner supertrucker next to me is in the bunk,fast asleep with his highbeams and fog-lights on! My solution was to paint all the bothersome lights with a can of rubberized undercoating,worked great! once the heat cured the stuff.it turned into Titanium and I was able to see to back in!

I also had some friendly folks take my un-done laundry out of the washing machine and throw it on the floor, my solution for that was to go back outside,fill a large drink cup with the nastiest fifth wheel grease I could find,and add it to their laundry as a special thank you!..............................Mark

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Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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never thought about the grease. i almost whipped somebodies ass when i was still with landstar. at the orientation center doing laundry, went to shower came out and some asshole moved my clothes to another dryer, there shit ended up in the trash

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