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oil change hours?


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my 2004 granite dump truck always has more hours than miles because of idling, what is a good number of hours to change the engine oil?

Also my my engine light came on ( the lightning bolt) and when I check the code it flashes 8-5 and sometiimes 8-1 and i think that code is for the uni pumps for cylinder number 5 and 1?

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Low miles and High hours

300 hours for oil change and 600 hours for oil and filters.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to get an oil sample kit and have your oil tested if you haven't done so already.

You are correct on the codes. Bad part or bad electrical connections, etc.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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For my fleet of fire trucks (always high hours/low miles) we change engine oil when the oil analysis says so, roughly once every 14-16 months.

Fire pump transfer case, transmissions and rear is less often.

Analysis kits are purchased from Giles & Ransome Cat in Bensalem, Pa. We buy 6-packs of kits but if I remember correctly, you can get a single for $18.95 or something like that. This includes shipping the kit to you, a prepaid mailer to send the sample back to them, the sample bottle with an overpack bottle, the flexible tubing to draw a sample (if you don't have a petcock) and the cost of the analysis. Follow the instructions carefully, fill out the paperwork, send it back to them and in 7 days (or less) you will have a complete report sent via email.


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