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  1. Does anyone know exactly what size for the nut for the hub? Mine has just one nut that holds hub on and I was gonna buy me a socket but can't remember the size or if it's a 6or 8 point socket. 2004 cv 713 granite dump truck
  2. my 2004 granite dump truck always has more hours than miles because of idling, what is a good number of hours to change the engine oil? Also my my engine light came on ( the lightning bolt) and when I check the code it flashes 8-5 and sometiimes 8-1 and i think that code is for the uni pumps for cylinder number 5 and 1?
  3. 22s on back. 385 floats Has Mack 10 speed with the reverse on the button. It's just so doggy It seems like the throttle response doesn't change from 1/4 to full while you shift a gear. My other 2000 Mack rd and its electronic had way better response Just looking for more giddy up and go and I heard so people doing exhaust manifold makes a big difference then later some injectors then turbo
  4. Thanks for the quick reply , I had a download about 2 months ago , not sure what one it was I'm assuming the latest . But your right it has no throttle response when taking off So what year manifold off an e tech should I get ?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply , I had a download about 2 m
  6. 2004 mack granite dumptruck has the 370 Horse AIM engine i believe they call it. My question is what exhaust manifold do people put on these to make them run better? I heard people say any of the pre emmison engines , something like the E TECH? This thing is such a dog taking off loaded and empty and heard a different manifold would make a huge difference
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