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Group 31 battery's

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There was a bunch of thefts here of batteries, diesel fuel and anything copper. Thieves even stole all the Aluminum ramps from the U-Haul trucks. First cold snap I had 100 gallons of diesel taken from an irrigation pump. I marked the tank "Gasoline Only" left about 20 gallons of diesel in it. A few days later we found a kid a mile away broke down, seems his Honda died from 10 gallons or so diesel fuel in the tank. Paul

two years ago, somebody took the batteries out of the 977. While they were at it, they broke ino an f350 plow truck i had sitting there. They cut the cables, abd tried to pry out the batteries, only cracking them instead. But they took the triumph 500cc motor i had just had new bearings, jugs and a bunch of head work done. $3000 in the triumph motor, $200 in the truck batteries, $400 in the 977. I woukd have happily given them the $50 they got for scrapping it all.

On a different note, autozone has a really good warranty on their top dollar batteries. I use them in my plow vehicles, and have had really good luck. And I like autozone rewards and other "lifetime warranty" items

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Gray hair you should of bought johnson controls(jci) stock instead of exide couple years ago jci spit 3 to 1 and they are ruthless and always have a good stock price except back in 08-09 it was down which would of been the time to buy it. I think it was 04 the it split. I use to work for the outfit that hauled all the batteries jci made

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You are right indeed. JCI is a good company. Speaking of stocks, I'm getting old now, and conservative, so I just buy stocks that pay a good dividend and aren't going away. Stuff like Verizon, Hawaii Electric, Tampa Electric, Altria, Plum Creek Timber, XOM, etc.

These things pay about a 5% dividend on average. I buy the same stuff for my kids with the dividends automatically reinvested. I think they can ignore these for 30 years and do just fine..

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