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B43 Engine type

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Here is B43.

what is the origin engine type? here is engine looks like 673 but is don't know if if ti's origin, and what is the exact model of the engine.

In Israel it was very common those days e.g. '50- '60 to replace engines with whatever engine was available on the shelf.

it might be the origin engine was dropped and kicked out to put this one.

also this engine in the pictures was original.

this 1955 truck had hydraulic tipper made in Israel and 5/2 duplex gearbox.









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I scrapped a b43 that wa sa snowplow. fenders and doors and frame fallin right off literally and frame was so bad and rear end you couldn't even read any number but it had a 673 and small 67 series 10 speed in it. I saved the motor trans and rear as the engine was rebuilt and im pretty sure someone turned the pump back to 180hp specs. put the engine in another with trans and its a brute.


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thanks you all for the professional answers.

we did not had B40 or B60 here those gasoline drinkers where too much for struggling Israel those days,

Gas was expensive, diesel was much cheaper.

for example we had conversion of Mack EH gasoline into Volvo diesel engine.

what does it means "pump turned down"?

you can also reply via my email:


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