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septic tank delivery


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Many years ago my parents had a new septic tank delivered by an established company with their "college kid home for the summer" as the driver. He had an old GMC 6000 gasser boomtruck with vacuum brakes. He backed up the hill in the yard to set the tank and stalled it. W/o brakes the truck then rolled down into the side of their 2 car garage and cracked the foundation and went through the wall. It wouldn't restart after much churning so he asked for some gas to dump down the carb since the battery was almost dead. My dad told him he had done enough damage and wasn't going to let him catch the garage on fire. He made him call the office and get a wrecker. They got a free cement tank and the garage repaired. When the owner saw the mess he said that junior would be working in the plant for the rest of the summer. Wonder what ever became of him?

Is it just me or did those buffalo wings taste like chicken?

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