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  1. Many years ago my parents had a new septic tank delivered by an established company with their "college kid home for the summer" as the driver. He had an old GMC 6000 gasser boomtruck with vacuum brakes. He backed up the hill in the yard to set the tank and stalled it. W/o brakes the truck then rolled down into the side of their 2 car garage and cracked the foundation and went through the wall. It wouldn't restart after much churning so he asked for some gas to dump down the carb since the battery was almost dead. My dad told him he had done enough damage and wasn't going to let him cat
  2. Over the river and through the woods....... a great way to get the family to Grandma's if she lives within walking distance! B34 Bus with complete drivetrain and very nice solid nose. Bus body needs work as shown in the photos. Best offer. Please call Bob at (845) 883-7613 for more details.
  3. Name: Dodge B3D116 (1952) Date Added: 05 June 2009 - 03:23 PM Owner: itlldo1 Short Description: 1 ton rack body View Vehicle
  4. Having lived in one for almost a month during the winter of '77 I can say that one benefit of a cabover is that the sleeper floor is kept warm by the engine heat (we were allowed to idle overnite back then)but climbing over the doghouse to get in the bunk could be a pain when you're fully dressed. Maneuverability and visibility were great, but the ride isn't as good as a conventional. I liked the wraparound dash. Mike
  5. Other than the day I bought it, I can't get the cab to tilt on my F model. The latches are releasing and the lift cylinders are not leaking-pump comes up hard like something is blocked after the latches release. When I originally lifted it-it went about halfway up and then slowly decended on its own. Maybe had the valve in the wrong position? There's a tag in the cab referencing a "hydraulic circuit breaker". I've tried jacking the other way to release those. Took apart pump and cleaned it, even tried another pump. Anyone got any ideas? Mike
  6. I found this thread using the search tool. I need help w my 78 F Model. Cab went halfway up one time, and then came slowly down on its own-no blown cylinders or hydraulic lines. I cleaned the pump out and reinstalled it. It will release the latches, but now will not jack the cab off the stops. I tried another pump-same results. Once the latches are fully released the pump comes to a stop like something is blocked off. When I release the pressure on the jack, the latches set themselves, and there is slack on the lift cylinders-I can slide them on the pins. When jacking the slack is gone
  7. Anyone have any experience rebuilding or repairing a cab jack? The unit that I have will release the latches, but won't raise the cab-sounds like its bypassing internally. Is there a rebuild kit or parts listing for these that is available? Thanks-Mike
  8. On my F Model I adjusted the driver's door interior latch mechanisms by taking off the inside cover, spraying a lubricant on all moving parts, and then moving the door opening pivot further forward by loosening the mounting screws and sliding the handle mechanism forward to give it extra travel. Don't know if the same adjustment is on your truck or not.
  9. There's a NOS cab on fleabay listed for this-price was $200 about an hour ago. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NOS-MACK-CABOVER-CAB-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem3a5a0be757QQitemZ250618832727QQptZOtherQ5fVehicleQ5fParts
  10. Got her running and made it home today. She inhaled a mouse's nest that was inside the air cleaner, but after clearing that out of the turbo-and changing some filters for good luck-made it the rest of the way w/o incident. Now the work starts-really looking forward to it. Mike
  11. Got the cab cleaned out (over 1 full garbage can), tons of mouse crap, driveshaft hooked back up, spun her over a couple of times until the batt died. Next trip she'll be running. Mike
  12. I bought this '78 F Model in my avitar today. 237 w 5 speed-supposedly a strong runner, but has been sitting for 2 years. I'm planning on trying to get it running before I bring it home-actually so I can bring it home, and the 4 batts are dead and probably toast. Can I get by trying to start this w 2 12 Volts that I have in the shop, or will I need all 4? Come to think of it I didn't look at it close enough-are there 4 12volt batts, or 4 6v? Thanks-Mike
  13. PROVAN Transport here in NY state back in the 70's had a large fleet of R600's with DD318's and 10 speeds in them. I think they were cut back to 270 or something. Real screamers.. Mike
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