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Max in New Zealand

Timothy Maikshilo

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That's keeping him busy!

Hope he has found time to introduce himself to Fosters and meet some blokes and shielas.

Thanks Jim Max has been so busy no time for the wimmins but he has joined a gym and has made some good friends!

He got in to a good thing, that work beats the hell out of being under a truck on the side of 495 at 3am in winter, best of luck to him.

Thanks Tozzi he does enjoy all the different welding he is doing. Did have to fix old fences, he said that was a challenge to get them to look and hold a weld well.

nice, combined his knowledge, just like I said earlier a farm boy can do anything they want to!

as for being under a truck at 3 am. that is one of them things you have to do to enjoy working in a dairy barn............ or vise versa!

10-4! Got to like what you do and Dad poking him with a stick since he was 5 I think has helped his work ethic.

post-426-0-70431700-1409517891_thumb.jpgpost-426-0-78493700-1409517907_thumb.jpgpost-426-0-95285600-1409517935_thumb.jpgpost-426-0-33291800-1409517969_thumb.jpgA few more and Max's Boss working on the manure pump....Tea anyone?

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