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Limited Edition Scania "Red Passion" V-8 flames emotions


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Press Release / August 15, 2014

Customers in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands have rushed to purchase one of the 75 limited edition Scania Red Passion. The spectacular flame red design is immediately recognisable and will undoubtedly be an eye-catcher along roads.

The first three Red Passion have recently been delivered and the remainder will reach owners within short. The truck combines a powerful and fuel-efficient 580 hp Euro 6 V8 engine with a generously equipped Topline cab.

The Red Passion is available both in 2- and a 3-axle tractor versions. The 2-axle truck has a fifth wheel and a 1,500-litre fuel tank. The 3-axle version is equipped with a retractable steered pusher axle and a 715-litre fuel tank. Both tractor units have Alcoa Dura Bright Evo rims with Michelin tires and an air-sprung 8-tonne front axle.

Complementing the deep-red cab, the front grille, mirrors and contour edges around the side windows are painted in black. The chassis, wheel hubs and fifth wheel are also black. The design is further reinforced by the sun visor, which has four LED spotlights. The nameplate lighting above the windscreen is also illuminated by LED lighting.

The truck comes with a complete set of safety systems, including Scania Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced Emergency Braking and the Electronic Stability Program. But there is even more.

In order to ensure an ultimate feeling of luxury, the Red Passion has been equipped with a premium radio/navigation system with steering wheel controls and subwoofer and more than ample speakers in doors.

By the bed, a DVD player and a flat screen have been installed.

The black leather seats have red stitching and the door sills are engraved with Red Passion logo and the limited edition series number from 1 to 75.




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I'm just not feeling it.

Attend the IAA int'l truck show next month, or tour the Scania final assembly plant and museum, and I promise you'll get the feeling. Experiencing the global truck market will open your eyes. And what with European truckmakers now dominating the U.S. truck market, it would be useful for you to better understand them on their home turf.



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That my friends is just plain fugly when compared to an MH

No one ever described the Mack MH Ultra-Liner as a thing of beauty. It's no nonsense front fascia had “bite”, a business-focused attitude, fitting for a pedigreed bulldog. After all, performance counts.

The Mack MH Ultra-Liner represented a stunning example of form and function. Bristling with advanced engineering, the Mack Ultra-Liner remains the safest U.S. COE cab design still to this day.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Mack Ultra-Liner was the finest heavy COE ever designed by a U.S. truckmaker. Period.

The Ultra-Liner was retired long before its time. It could have easily been developed forward, to remain a cutting edge product in the global COE market.

When you consider the Freightliner Argosy 2, Kenworth K200 and International 9800i sold today (in global markets), an updated Ultra-Liner or a totally evolved Ultra-Liner II would be a far superior truck.

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