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Well after listening to a lot of comments at the Museum and the Macungie plant this weekend I would have to say IMO, the majority opinion of Mack loyalists, is the new logo "sucks" in plain English.

As I look at it, would Ford junk the "Blue Ova"l? Chevy junk the "Bowtie"? 3M start calling "Scotch Tape" something else??

I'm sure the Mack PR types will say its "just another new look" and the classic bulldog will remain but I saw too much of it. From comments to.."the dog is taking a dump" to my wife's.."hmnn-looks like his hind quarters have atrophied", not much positive views of it-again IMO.

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I thought you were no show to the show i look in every nook and hole RED HORSE!!!! We had good time we left before 3 a m and home by 9 pm and the kids slept on the way home.

Wow-long day- and I was looking for you guys-we took the plant tour from like 10 -got back around 1. Hopefully see you guys at Brooklyn.

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