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While reading some posts, there were a couple references to being able to obtain information on older Macks. I have a 78 F series that came with a 290 Cummins, 13 speed Eaton and Neway rear suspension. I would like to identify what other parts are Mack or if other components were put in from the factory. The local dealer frowns when I go in for parts since they have to do a little work to look them up. Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can obtain this information. I read somewhere there is a contact person or two that can send all the information on older macks. If anyone knows, please tell me how I can get in touch with them. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

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1. Contact Don Schumacker at the Mack Museum via email. Advise him you are seeking copies of your factory archives. Give your VIN in the email and your home mailing address. Be advised there is an 8-10 week wait as there are many requests and the museum staff is all volunteer.

2. Upon receipt of your very thorough and well put together package that comes in a heavy box as it will include manuals, send the museum a nice donation.

3. Do not be cheap with said donation.

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1958 FWD, thank you. I understand they send a lot of information from others who had posted. Just didn't want to embarrass myself by sending too little. I had a little more in mind and didn't know if it was sufficient in comparison to others. Thanks again.

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