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insulator pads

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The difference in insulator pads is the way they are made, rubber is organic and urethane is synthetic so the hardness and the way they wear can be changed with out losing drivability, typically it is like going from a good to better. Rubber tends to start to deteriorate as soon as it is installed because of ozone, grease, freeze/thaw, dry rot etc....urethane is designed to resist all that stuff with higher load capacity, tear resistance, compression, abrasion, oil and fuel resistance, uv protectant, etc...

Rubber is typically cheaper and last a fair amount of time depending on application so that is why it gets used by OEM manufactures

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I think it was posted in a thread called "rear suspension" ........lots of information/discussion on pads there

And yes, both our macks are Hendrickson......Sorry :)

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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