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Heigh of exhaust

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Hi, everyone I'm having a problem... I have posted pics of my build under 1991 RD690S and during that time I changed the exhaust to a straight 5" turnout style that's 48" tall. I have the factory elbow with a 4-5 inch expander with two exhaust straps/clamps connecting everything. The idea was to keep from bending or breaking the exhaust with a limb since I do work for people with low hanging limbs over their driveway. My question is can you recommend a height/length of stack to get the noise away from the cab without getting too tall? Do I need the 5" ID or OD I can't remember what style I bought? Could you post pictures of your setups maybe with a tape measure by the top as well as an overall view of the truck so I can see different setups? FYI: I plan to stay with 5" diameter turnout style and it looks like they come in 6-10 foot sizes in the one piece design.

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Get it at least 12" above the cab, if you want to quiet it down and keep the straight pipe look get a stack muffler that fits inside your pipe. As far as how high, nobody else knows where you run better than you just look at your territory and see what will work. I have mine sitting at 12'6" and they hit a limb every now an then but I don't go down into bad areas with it either. My 84 had a single 5" that was around 11'6" and it rarely hit anything but again I'm picky about where I take my trucks.

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This is for a dump truck correct, would you consider going with a dump truck stack,you can cut it down to where its just above the cab shield,thats what I did,actually I made my own stack from left overs,also I scored a new Donaldson chrome internal muffler on e-bay for cheap,this setup works well for me,no noise and don't have to worry about hitting any thing with it..This is on a cl but same difference.


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