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Clutch Alignment Tool Needed! Any Suggestions?

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Some of you may remember me asking a few months ago about getting the Lipe Clutch in my 1958 FWD firetruck rebuilt. I took someone's advice on here (Thank you whoever you were, I can not recall at this time your name!) and sent the clutch to D & W Rebuilders in Baltimore, Md. The clutch itself was all the way down to the rivets and then some!!!! Wendell at D & W rebuilt it for me, even with a complete set of shims, which had all been removed and lost over the years. It is a 5 speed Clark trans, with a 15" Lipe single disc clutch.

Now that I have it back I am ready to re-assemble everything, but I need the alignment tool. All my possible sources all said they dont have that "oddball" one. I need a 1.5" shaft, that has 10 teeth which are .25 in width. I can't locate a new one to buy on the internet without paying an arm and a leg (for something I will only use once....hopefully...) Anyone out there have any suggestions?????????


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When dealing with a oddball input shaft I don't concern myself with the splines. Many times just looking through the socket drawers I can find a socket that slides into the spline then another socket that slides into the pilot. Then hopefully the socket for the pilot fits into the other socket (maybe a little tape to increase it's diameter) and you have a tool. The other solution I use is to machine one on the lathe (still only round no splines) anything you might have laying around steel,aluminum, wood will work. Don't overthink or overengineer it, nuts, bolts, washers, pipe, anything could become your tool.


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I'm with Chuck - don't put too much thought into it! I got a shop full of home made alignment shafts. Piece of round stock in lathe and 20 minutes later we are ready to hang a clutch. Measure the minor diameter of splines and subtract about 0.005, measure pilot bearing ID and subtract about 0.003, measure lenghts of input shaft and pilot stub. Then start cutting!


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I have put the clutch on the input shaft on the trans and then install the input shaft into the pilot brg. and then lift the clutch up and bolt to flywheel. If the bell housing has a opening in the bottom then you can do that. You will start a bolt in the pressure plate then turn the flywheel and start another bolt and when all have been started then tighten all bolts and then adjust clutch and let truck down and go home. Some guys do 10 and 13 speeds that way all time but what ever. glenn

glenn akers

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