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Oil leaking from exaust


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I left my truck running over night because of extreme low air temp outside 0-2 degrees, I wanted a warm engine when I worked on replacing the starter, so I got to the truck after it idled for 13 hrs shut the truck off and was working on it when it came time to go under the truck I found oil dripping from the pipe where the flex goes to the hard pipe just above the frame and all over the leaf spring any help would be great 2001 vision E7 427 with 620,000 on it.

Thanks in advance.


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hy Steve

i think it comes from the turbo.

there is ful oilpresure to lubriquete the turboshaft.

nomaly if the oil goes between the bearing and the shaft it burns in the exhaust.

but if let it idle for to long the oil drips out of the exhaustpipe.

if it uses not to much oil when you drive it let it go as the way it is,

or else you have to replace the turbo.

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Also known as "slobber". It can come from valve guides or past the rings. As for the valve guides, if your valve stems/guides are worn oil will run down the stems at idle.

Are you using any oil between changes?

BTW, delete your other post.


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All diesel engines will slobber to a certain degree in cold weather especially if left idling excessively for several hours like that. Combination of oil from valve guides and possibly from your turbo along with a lot of unburned fuel because the engine is not working and wont stay up at a warm operating temp in cold like that produces slobber. If it's using oil now I'd maybe pull the pipe off and have a look at your turbo if not I wouldn't worry about it.

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