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B Model Engine Numbers ?


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I would guess that it is just a sequential serial number for the END 673 engine

but it could be tied to a date code, especially with the spaces between the numbers that you have shown, i.e.

the 354 may be the 35th week of 1954 and the 61st engine that of that week or

354 could be the 3 month of 1954 and the 61st engine of that month

Just a guess, some manufacturers did tie to a date code of some sort.

Some manufacturers stamped the engine number to agree with the truck(or car) serial number

Some more of our experts will chime in............

I noticed in your profile that you have a 1955 truck

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thanks for the help trying,I just thought they might be something important,the truck the engine is in is a '59,thanks again


I have worked mack engines for many years and i can tell you i have never wondered about those #s so i am thinking you may not need them either. It is not the part # and it may mean something to some one but me and you will be ok with out knowing.

glenn akers

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