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want an 18 speed that will boogie


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got my superliner on the road now and really like it a lot, but.... I want an 18 speed. I haul heavy (gvw 6 digits), and lots of hills, but I still want it to get out there and run 75 with ease. I was told my truck has 4:10 deep reduction rears, and its got a maxitourqe 9 speed. it runs great out on the interstate, but on the roads I mostly run (50-55mph) 7th is screamin and 8th is so low rpm you downshift when ya get a headwind, I got an 18 eaton fuller in my kw I wrecked, would that work or should I get a mack 18?


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It'll work, it will have a lower low gear for off road use and the top end rpm will only change a little from the .71 to .73 OD, gotta get the right bell housing and clutch fork for it though, Mack uses an underslung fork and the rear mounts are on the bell housing.

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