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I was very positive about it.   The problem was that it was to tall to fit under the plant to load it.   The way our weight laws are in Illinois, you can’t haul enough on it legally to get real excited about.   Essentially you are making the contractors job easier with less manpower and not getting anymore $$ for the Crete. 

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That’s too bad it didn’t work out Brad. 
The material supplier my Dad worked for was a predominately Mack fleet, until they started buying front discharge mixers. I believe most of those were Oshkoshes.

Seems as if I remember him saying the contractors were demanding the front discharge rigs so if you wanted to play in their sandbox you had to have them. 

They did find that they could get around sites better with the all wheel drive than a standard rear discharge trucks. Problem became that when they did got stuck they really got stuck!


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The main problem is that in Illinois you are only legal with I believe with 6.75 yards in a front.   Where as a rear you can haul 9yards.  With that being said the big companies run 10 yards in both.   We don’t like making untimely monetary deposits to the government, so we run legal. 

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I believe right before the Volvo by out Mack had an agreement with Oskosh to use Oskosh mixers with the Mack name and Mack engine.

To bad  they can't use the MR platform to make a forward discharge mixer. Get a clue🙂 Vo%$#.

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