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1976 DM power divider question


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Hi there. I would like to know if I can pull the drive shaft between the rear axles and make my truck a single axle drive? I am having some power divider issues and would like to drive the truck till I get the thing sorted out. I never was able to wrap my head around the peanut and wedge power divider, but I am thinking it might just send all the drive to the flange where the rear axle used to be... meaning the truck will not move.

Can this be done? Is there a way? I don't encounter any muck as I am driving on roads 100% of the time so traction is not an issue.

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Well I replaced the peanuts less than 1000 miles ago. I think it is time to jack up both rear axles and see if the ratios match. I have had problems since I bought this truck over a year ago. I don't put a lot of miles on, but once there is any kind of sustained load it starts banging up the driveline. The problem went away when I replaced the peanuts (they were worn), but it has resurfaced. I didn't replace the inner cam,.... maybe that was a bad idea.

All tires are new.

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Well I think the plate that indicated the gear ratios is gone or not legible on either axle.

gallery image:http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/gallery/image/14066-rear-axle-with-peanut-power-divider/

I guess I just have to jack up one side of the rear and turn the drive shaft and count revolutions of the wheels. I'm just concerned that it will be difficult to see the difference between a 3.86 and a 3.87

On another note, I can get a 3.87 top gear set is this all I need to change the ratio or do I need to remove the whole diff?

Thanks for any help I get.

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