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new tires for the Mack

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I got new tires on yesterday and what a difference...took those bias ply 10.00x22s off and put four used 11r24.5 drives on and bought two new 11r24.5s for the front...the ride is way better with tires that are actually round..Im not going to get into the story about how it took"three men and a boy" to change them over.When I started working on the truck it was like I cant wait to get this running again,then I cant wait to get it finished,then I cant wait to actually get it on the road and drive it and take it to some local shows..Today I took it on the interstate and it showed 65 mph at 2100 and rode and handled pretty good for bobtailing,Ive bobtailed Preston trucks that were worse ride than this...anyway Im realizing that I cant get enough of the old Mack and on the way home it hit me!!!Now I must have a trailer and go somewhere...If my wife new what I was thinking I would be going somewhere alright...divorce court....Jim

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Your in the same boat as the rest of us. Just remember, admitting that you have the "Truck Bug" is the first step to a cure......err I mean more stuff

repeat after me... My name is Jim and I have a Truck problem.....

Glad to hear the new tires are working!


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I bought the used drive tires already mounted on the 24.5 rims and took the spacers too...My old spacers were maybe 3 3/4 inches wide and the ones I got with the 24.5s I used were 4 inches...the wedges are close to being bottomed out so I may pick up some longer wedges or maybe grind a little off the old ones...not quite sure what would be the best way...The front rims I took to the tire shop and they sand blasted them and powder coated them for $38.00 apiece then had them mount the new tires....Jim

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most ALL Macks except the bigger ones came with 3 5/8 spacers from the factory. this included B61's B42's etc single and tandem axles. I think when you got in the 44 and 55 rears they went to wider spacers because of the wider tires but the smaller trucks all came with 3 5/8. use to piss me off to take a tire off a mack and find the wrong spacers and all different wedges. it amazes me how someone can take a set of duals off and lose all the parts and replace them with something else. but they are right, 24.5's with bolt right in where you have you 22's now. you can reuse your wedges but after all these years its probably a good idea to get new spacers and nuts if they are worn.


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