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Looking for some Macks from my past

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These belonged to my former employer that went belly up in 1992.

(1975) R685T-50487 & 50488

(1976) R686ST-9200

(1976) R686ST-10274

(1977) R686ST-14034

The company was in No. Springfield, Vt. They had already been sold at the end, when the trucks were auctioned off. I know its' a long shot but I've had good luck at finding other trucks.

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Was the name of the company Idlenot Dairy or something like that? They also had a restaurant division, there was an Idle 90s restaurant down the road. Similar setup to Friendly's today.

Friendly's still has a few Macks running around but I've seen more Volvos lately.


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Yes, that was the name of the company. They also had a U model that's in my avitar pic. U685T-9351. It was wrecked around 1980. Also one MB, MB611T-1971. In the mid seventies they got an H-67. It was red with black fenders, single axle with a tag. Seems that it came from the Agawam Mass. area. I got to ride in it once when I was a kid. It got sold before it ever got painted the company color.

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In the late 90s a New England company cald Pjax bought a lot of R-model Mack's had them painted blue with white stripes. They would come in to my buddy's body shop all different colors and they would leave blue. They ran them for years till they got bigger then sold them off for newer equipment. Just saying they might not have gone to a farm or private person.

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