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Shop Manuals for 05 cxn 613

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The Vmac III engine control specs and troubleshooting for AC engine manual should be number 8-348. There is a revised service manual (July 2006) its number is 8-211

The Aset AC with EGR system engine mechanical service manual should be number 5-111.

I found theses numbers on macktrucksemedia.com.

I'm still trying to find the number for the electrical diagram of your truck but I may have to pull that off our binder when I'm at work tomorrow.

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J, that disk looks like a find, I think I'll order it, thanks

TruckinJ I found a nice 8-211 on fleabay, thanks, if you find the numbers on the shop repair manuals let me know, thanks,Mark

I'll just warn you now. The book is made to be used with the Vmac III computer diagnostic software (unavailable due to Volvo pushing Premimum Tech Tool which is backwards compatiable but just a pain in the rear to use). You can use a Heavy Duty truck scanner to pull the codes. The trouble with those is it indicates in MID, PID/SID, FMI, they do not indicate by the blink code number. Only the blink code can be retrieved by the computer diagnostic software or by using the malfunction light to flash the code (only works when the code is active).

Common Codes you may get and quick checks will probably be:

4-5 VTG position sensor - Make sure the VTG actuator solenoid is getting air (shutoff valve next to the brake valve on the firewall, spin on air filter element next to the oil filters) Also check to make sure the turbo actuator is moving freely on the turbo (Actuator Clevis pin may sometimes bind, internal turbo vane failure)

4-9 EGR valve mechnism - Check the electrical connector at the EGR valve CAREFULLY (The plug may be brittle from all the heat from the exhaust), Look for exhaust leaks on the exhaust manifold and turbocharger, Also check the EGR piping from the valve to the cooler and from the cooler to the intake mixer for leaks. Most commonly this code is set by a clogged EGR cooler.

6-3 J1708 communication - Have fun with that, this fault can occur anywhere in the truck

6-4 J1939 communication - Have more fun with this, this fault can also occur anywhere in the truck. Commonly I've had this fault occur in the engine harness because there are several splices in there that do have tendency to break as the harness ages.

8-1 through 8-6. Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) fault - If you get this fault and your engine has a miss, it is most likely a failed EUP (Dealer should replace the EUP because there is a calibration code on the EUP that needs to be set in the Engine control unit with the computer diagnostic software). If you do not have a miss, its probably a fault in the Engine control unit, Dealer programming updates may be available to correct this.

9-2 Power reset without key switch - Commonly caused by a low or dead battery or by having to jumpstart the truck. Also has been caused by corroded connections at the battery, starter motor, starter solenoid, engine power distribution module (fuse box on firewall), or a loose ground cable.

9-5 Compressor Discharge Temp sensor (temperature sensor on the pipe between the turbo and charge air cooler) - This sensor is a goofy design but pull the silicone tube back to see if the wires have rubbed through. If you can, repair the wire (this sensor is $300+) if you cannot repair, replace the sensor. Make sure to tie the wiring carefully so as to not put strain on the sensor wiring. Also I like to wrap the silicone tube with electrical tape to the connector so that it cannot viabrate and wear through the wires.

Good luck and have fun.

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Jeff - The Bulldog Doctor

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