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Nothing like replying to my own topic but upon further study Meritor bought Volvos rear axle division in 1999. That is why mack rear ends are Meritors. So not only are Macks assembled in the USA but the rear ends are American owned. This is why Dana was dropped. I believe the frames (chasis)are American made. So we have almost half of the truck. Now if they offered Cummins engines( not saying they are better than MP's) America would have 2/3 of the truck American owned. Some logic eh.

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If you ever had to deal with Meritor warranty from a dealer standpoint, you would wish they never existed. The only time in my life where I made time to sit down and write a nasty letter to a corporation. That was about 8 years ago and I still hate them and things had not gotten much better. When my friends or close customers are specing a new truck I always make sure to steer them away from any Meritor items. May a thousand internet curses be upon them!

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