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355/380 leaking oil behind motor

Keffer inc

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I have an oil leak from between the motor and the bell housing on the passenger side. Doesn't appear to be valve cover gaskets bad. I know I need a better look but what might I be dealing with? This is on my 1999 CH613 355/380 motor with spicer 10 speed.

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It could be the oil pan gasket. Our 2000 CX model seeped oil on the passenger side between the block and flywheel housing from about half way from the top down. We lived with it for about 5 years finally at a million 3 we pull the transmission to replace the clutch ( a solo clutch, the most I have every had a clutch go, but also only 1 driver on the truck since new) we pulled the flywheel housing and put new rubber sealant on it,there is no gasket just rubber sealant, also replaced the rear cam plug it was just about rusted out. If it is the cam plug you can see a small hole about 3/4 of the way up between the flywheel housing and the block, I think it would leak bad if it was leaking there. Good luck

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