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B-Model Front Bumper

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Just wondering if anybody knows of some options out there for front bumpers, I know Watts Mack has two options available, just want to know what some of you have used for your trucks or were you may have gotten your front bumper, I want chrome or stainless. I have seen B-models with different styles like the original looking ones to modern looks. any help would be great. Thanks

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I purchased a bumper from Doug Fetterly but I painted it. I am sure that someone could chrome one. He may have one in stainless but not sure.

I have seen a couple of aluminum bumpers on B's but they are straight not contoured like original.

Not a fan of a big modern bumper on B's but some folks have put them on their trucks.


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yup Doug has them in Stainless for around a grand, had the cow catcher to. think the snowplow place up there is stamping them out for him. I have put a few on B's. they are good quality, they need some finesse hear and there but they are better than bent. his don't have the angle iron welded in the back where the carriage bolts go so that's a good thing, the rust doesn't get between them, just have to use a 1/4 shim between the bumper bracket and bumper. I think he also has the brackets themselves remade


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