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I watched the first new Ice Road Truckers this year, not impressed at all. Then I caught the second one and it was much better. I was looking forward to the third show, but didn't get to see it. Now I saw on facebook that a new guy was going to be on it tonight. I might have to stay up and watch it after checking out this guy's website. Don't know if he's gonna be driving for someone else or driving his own '74 Ford 9000 with the 318, but after looking around his website he certainly seems to be the real deal. Lots of interesting stuff here-


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Very cool! So far this has been a good season. One thing is for sure, Hugh is a horrible boss. This is a fact that has been demonstrated season after season. I laughed when his truck heater broke. He finally received a taste of his own medicine.

History will probably give this new guy his own show soon.

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King of Oboslete.............he used to be on one of the diesel forums. We knew each other in basic terms. He used to write some really cool stories, even had a book published. Quite the fabricator also working up in the frozen north.

The ol Ford, aka the double dually.

He was driving his Ford:



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

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