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New rad for the RW

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If you don't mind me being nosey, can I ask what you paid for that core? I had mine recored and the bottom tank repaired from a place in Grand Rapids Mich. I put a 5 row core in mine. It was probably the most expensive part in my whole project.

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Weller Radiators in Grand Rapids Michigan recorded mine with a 5 row core and repaired the bottom tank and I had to pay the customs charges plus the shop in Windsor that took it up there for me and the total cost was only $2600.00 witch I felt was expensive at the time, I guess it wasn't really too bad then.

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Hi Ray,looks like you got your weekend booked. I meant to tell you I've got a few MH things you are welcome to.I've got a grill, the little panel that has "handle" moulded into it and a pair of new windshields.Next time your'e around we'll get together and I'll fix you up with it if your'e interested. Steve

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