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I am taking the cab off an A40 that I want to start restoring. I am doing my best to beat the hornets who have 10 year possession of the truck, and do not want to give it up. I get little windows of opportunity before they get curious to me. I am at the point of jacking the cab, and was wondering about the steering column. Where does it split? Does it come off the top of the steering box or do I take the box off the frame? Thank you in advance.

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Thank you. I was thinking either that or take the wheel off and go high with the cab. The entire remains of the seat cushion is a hornets nest and I was not looking forward to being in that interior.

several years ago my brother was helping me tow bar home a '41 EM,I was steering the truck and kept hearing some low pitched buzzing noise.After about 15 miles we stopped to check the chains and when I got out of the truck,I could hear it louder,come to find out,the driver's seat cushion had a hornets nest and I'd been sitting on it .Didn't take me long to pitch it in the ditch.

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Oh I bet. They take over in no time. They are not happy about my hammering on the pitman arm right now for sure. I have to say I have the fenders and bumper off now and am thinking I could build a really cool "mack rod" open wheel roadster. I will have some pics up soon hopefully. I have never seen a steering box quite like this. There is a plate that is riveted to the frame. I think if I take the pitman arm, and there is two bolts between the steering box and the frame rails, and I am hoping the box comes off.

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