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1st 10 wheeler

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The Ford Factory came out with the T-800 tandem drive in 1954. Before that all Ford 10 wheelers were an aftermarket Tag/pusher axle either installed by a dealer or conversion shop, although I believe you could order the longer frame from Ford to mount it on?

From the late 20's on there were several companys who made aftermarket tandem drive conversions. Mr. Don Chew of Littleton Colo is the expert on them. He writes articles about them in Shirley Spoonholtz's magazine Old Time Trucks. If you have a serious inquery PM/Email me and I will send you his snail mail addy as he does not have a computer.


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I was wondering what was the first 10 wheeler that Ford made? My great grandfather had the first one in CT and i was trying to find out what model it was.


First FACTORY Ford tandems came out in 1954 model year. The big one was the T-800 andf it had a gvw of 44,000 lbs. So if you are talking your GREAT grandfather, my guess is he had one of the various aftermarket tandems. Yaworski has a couple of 48-49 vintage that have THREE sticks. Main trans, an auxiliary, and the third one shifted the ratio in the rear axle!

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