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WTF is this world coming to?


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The amount you get is less and the price stays the same.

I was buying some oil the other day and had been getting it in 5 qt jugs. Now, it is in liters and it is listed as "5 quarts plus"

Wish people would stop F@$king with stuff!

Your absolutely right Jim, always trying to re-invent the wheel!


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Years ago in LaFollett, Tn was having lunch with an old gentleman. We were having pinto beans and cornbread when he suddenly said stop!, don't eat this. Last time I had these, it had rat terds in them. We all stopped eating and looked at him, wondering what to do next. He sure got everyone's attention that day. He broke out just laughing his butte off about what he had caused. I believe every person in that joint looked down at their food wondering if something was wrong with theirs. I can still remember him laughing. We all started laughing and shaking our heads. I was still taking my spoon looking for any indication of these droplets.


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